How We Get to Work - Told Through the Data

June 27, 2017

We like transportation and we like data. When we put the two together, we find interesting insights and surprising facts. Analyzing the commute patterns of Kittelson employees was no exception. Out of the more than 1,400 trips reported by our employees in a 2016 survey, just less than half were by single-occupant vehicle. This is a lot lower than the national average (76 percent). Slicing and dicing the data by mode, distance, and office produced some aha! moments and served as the basis for our very first Kittelson commute awards.

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The Peanutabout: Solving Cambridge’s Skewed Intersection

February 07, 2017

Local advocates organize to bring an innovative solution to the intersection of Hampshire Street and Cambridge Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts’ busy Inman Square. To meet competing demands in the constrained urban environment, Cambridge is considering a protected mini-roundabout solution, or “peanutabout,” complete with protected level-with-sidewalk bike lanes, raised crosswalks, and simplified operations for all users.

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Intern Jamboree Offers Camaraderie, Hands-on Learning Opportunities

December 20, 2016

Every summer, interns from KAI’s offices across the country gather in Portland for a week to participate in a host of hands-on learning opportunities, meet each other and members of KAI’s staff, and experience the Rose City’s renowned transportation infrastructure firsthand.

Read about another KAI interns experience here: An Intern’s Journey from Iran to the U.S.

To learn more about KAI's intern program visit our website

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Performance-Based Design Helps to Address Evolving Infrastructure Needs

September 06, 2016

As state transportation departments seek to improve system performance, mobility and safety, engineers working in both the public and private sectors are charged with crafting effective solutions within restrictive budget limitations.

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Transforming Streets: Baltimore's "pop-up" Protected Bike Lane

August 18, 2016

Four city blocks in Baltimore were transformed with a “pop-up” two-way protected bike lane. Seeing an opportunity to convert an underused peak-hour travel lane, improve safety for all users, and show neighbors an example of how their street could be changed to better serve people who aren’t driving, Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT) planned the temporary three-week installation of the protected bike lane.

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FHWA Develops Part-Time Shoulder Use Guide

June 30, 2016

A growing number of states in the United States are learning how part-time shoulder use can help manage congestion and want to put this strategy into practice. Until recently, however, there was no national document on how to plan, design, and implement part-time shoulder use.

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Utah’s Zero Fatality Safety Summit

April 21, 2016

Utah Department of Public Safety and the Utah Department of Transportation hosted over 400 participants at their state’s Zero Fatalities Safety Summit. The summit marked ten years since Utah initiated their “Zero Fatalities” efforts throughout the state.

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Your Chance to Contribute to the Next Edition of the Highway Safety Manual

January 07, 2016

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This week, a major national outreach program was initiated to support the development of the Second Edition of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM). The current outreach effort includes a broad-based survey of current HSM users that will provide the research team with both a sense of how the HSM is being used, as well as where it usability, accessibility and technical content can be improved. The survey can be accessed at the new “HSM2 Development Website” at

Respondents are being asked to complete and submit the survey and their suggestions by February 15, 2016.

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A 101 Year History of the Electric Traffic Signal System

November 10, 2015

101 years after the invention of the first electronic traffic signal we take a look at the evolution into the modern day systems.

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"Pop-Up" Event Brings Separated Bike Lanes to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

October 06, 2015

“Separated bike lanes are a new concept in Portsmouth, so we wanted to give the community a chance to see how they might work. It helps us actually show people what the possibilities are in the context of the actual setting rather than using photos from other places.” - Juliet Walker, AICP Transportation Planner with the City of Portsmouth

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