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Research Helps Fuel Improvements in Road Safety

October 19, 2006

What does a safe road look like? Is a safe road one where vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians all share the same right-of-way without sidewalks or striped bike lanes? Are the shoulders paved or gravel? Are those shoulders 8 or 10 feet wide? Is it a divided roadway or is it undivided? How many driveways access the roadway in each mile? Are the driveways and intersecting streets controlled by traffic signals, stop signs, or roundabouts? How much do these elements affect roadway safety?

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What is a safety evaluation?

October 14, 2006

The transportation industry is taking positive strides toward creating and maintaining roadways that are safe for all users. Safety evaluations make up one of these strides. Engineers use safety evaluations to study crash conditions at a particular site (intersection or road segment) in detail to identify treatments that could reduce the incidence of crashes.

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Road Safety Audits Help Agencies Target Potential Dangers

October 09, 2006

The growing number of transportation options and users is accompanied by an increased potential for accidents. Some local, state, and federal agencies have started to conduct road safety audits (RSAs) to help improve safety by targeting potential dangers. RSAs are one of the outcomes of the industry’s attempt at making safety processes more objective and quantifiable.

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Do Safety and Liability Stop at the Right-of-Way Line?

October 04, 2006

While the transportation field has made significant strides toward designing transportation facilities safe for all modes, limited attention has been focused beyond the right-of-way line—on developments. As a result, the operating efficiency and safety of on-site circulation systems often lacks compared to the roadways that serve the development.

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