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Sustainability of Biking & Walking

June 24, 2007

When talking about sustainable transportation, two of the most environmentally friendly ways of getting around are often overlooked. But, there has been a significant movement in the past two decades to encourage Americans to choose biking and walking over driving.

Written by KAI Interns Chava Kronenberg and Michael Houston

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Green Streets Case Study: Crown Street, Vancouver, BC

June 15, 2007

When major improvements became necessary on Vancouver’s Crown Street to mitigate a deteriorating roadway and inadequate shoulders, the City of Vancouver’s Engineering Services created a “Sustainable Streetscape” to not only improve the road but also decrease pollution in nearby salmon habitats.

Written by KAI Intern Katie Pincus

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Sustainability - Infrastructure and Design Options

June 09, 2007

Although roads are a large and important part of our urban infrastructure, their contribution towards environmental pollution is often overlooked. The areas of maintenance and street design are receiving much focus as new mitigation techniques and strategies are developed.

Written by KAI Interns Carl Sundstrom and James Wong

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