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FAN WALK: Connecting South African Culture to Green Point Stadium

July 05, 2010

Written by Rohit Rai

Cape Town, the second most populous and arguably the most beautiful city in South Africa, is bustling with soccer frenzied fans. A record 300,000 people descended on the City Centre to witness Germany compete against Argentina. While a capacity crowd of more than 64,000 watched the game at the Cape Town Stadium, an impressive 80,000 put on their walking shoes to join the Fan Walk which has become one of Cape Town’s best World Cup attractions.

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With advanced sensors, cars become increasingly capable of driving themselves

July 01, 2010

Written by Nic Fleming from the New Scientist

With his jeans, white trainers and stripy top, Bob is every inch the well-dressed 6-year-old. He's standing in the middle of a hotel parking lot and, scarily, I'm driving straight at him. Instead of hitting the brakes, I put my foot down on the accelerator. With only about 10 yards to go, a row of red lights flashes across my windshield, and there's an urgent, high-pitched beeping sound. An instant later, I am jerked forward as the brakes slam on automatically and the car screeches to a halt just short of Bob's stomach.

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