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Commute Orlando Blog Provides Bicycle Awareness & Information Sharing

March 07, 2010

The Commute Orlando blog provides a wealth of information on local issues for bicycle users within Central Florida and also on practices that are relevant nationwide. Click through the blog to learn about pedestrian and bicycle safety, bicycle training and awareness, commute and traffic issues, and bicycle recreation. The blog includes a variety of video clips to demonstrate bicycle training and highlight common biking issues.

The website also contains information on selecting a bicycle and other equipment, route planning, tips for safe riding, and opportunities for bicycle education classes within Central Florida.

Commute Orlando

Portland, OR Aims to Keep Cyclists Safe

March 04, 2010

The city of Portland, Oregon, has popped up in bicycle news recently for innovative treatments to improve bike safety and awareness. As a community that can boast having over 6% of citizens commuting to work by bike,1 the city has the large task of moving those bicyclists efficiently and safety along with motorized traffic.

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Green Streets: Infrastructure and Design Options

March 03, 2010

Although roads are a large and important part of our urban infrastructure, their contribution towards environmental pollution is hard to overlook. As a result, maintenance and street design are receiving much focus as new mitigation techniques and strategies are developed.

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