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Help Us Improve Your Transit System

January 27, 2011

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. is proud to be leading a team in the development of the Transit Capacity and Quality Service Manual (TCQSM), 3rd Edition. As defined in the most recent edition of this publication:

The Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCQSM) provides transportation practitioners with a consistent set of techniques for evaluating the quality of service and capacity of transit services, facilities, and systems. The manual’s objectives include providing a logical set of methods for assessing transit services, facilities, and systems; assuring that practitioners have access to the latest research results; and presenting example problems illustrating the application of different procedures. The TCQSM is the primary source document incorporating research findings on transit capacity and quality of service.

How can you help? We need assistance from volunteers like you to ensure this manual stays relevant to the transit community. You can help by filling out a brief TCQSM online survey. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and all answers are confidential. Survey responses need to be completed prior to February 7, 2011.

It is not necessary to have previously used the TCQSM to participate in this survey; however, if you would like additional information about the manual before beginning, please view one of several comprehensive & fully narrated PowerPoint presentations or download a full copy of the 2nd edition from the Transportation Research Board's website.

Your time and input in this process is appreciated and will be an important contribution toward developing the 3rd Edition of the manual.

Slippery Slope: A View Inside a Successful Road Safety Audit

January 26, 2011

The Portland office of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. hosted an interactive workshop on January 13th, 2011 that covered the following related to Road Safety Audits (RSA): 1) A brief overview of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Road Safety Audit (RSA) – Guidelines and Checklist; and 2) A walk through of a recent RSA application in Oregon - Mt. Hood Highway (US 26) on the western slope between Portland, OR and the Mt. Hood recreational facilities (including ski areas during winter season). Hermanus Steyn, from Kittelson, and Sue D’Agnese, from ODOT, facilitated the workshop.

Presentation Slides as well as Overview from the Workshop Included.

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Kittelson at 2011 TRB Annual Meeting

January 24, 2011

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) kicked off their Annual Meeting in Washington DC this weekend. This one-of-a-kind meeting attracts more than 10,000 transportation professionals from around the globe and this year marks the 90th anniversary of the event. The 2011 program covers all transportation modes, with more than 4,000 presentations in nearly 650 sessions and workshops addressing topics of interest to all attendees—policy makers, administrators, practitioners, researchers, and representatives of government, industry, and academic institutions. More than 85 sessions and workshops will address the spotlight theme for 2011: Transportation, Livability, and Economic Development in a Changing World.

As the Principal Investigator (PI) on many high profile TRB research projects such as, the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual, The Highway Safety Manual, Update to the Roundabout Guide, an many more, Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI), has been a long-time supporter and active participant at the Annual Meeting. KAI is sending nearly 20 people to the event this year and the majority of them are presenting or speaking at the event. A list of KAI workshops and/or committee members is listed below for your reference. We look forward to sharing some wonderful information from the 2011 TRB experience in upcoming posts.

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Highway Safety Manual Now Available on CD

January 05, 2011

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) is very proud to have led production of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM), which was originally released via hard copy by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) mid 2010. AASHTO has recently followed up with a CD version that is now available for purchase.

Below is a brief video from AASHTO that provides detail about the HSM. Click through for an outline of the publication, as well as additional resources and links to AASHTO's website.

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