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Going Green by Flashing Yellow

November 17, 2011

Use of the Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) at signalized intersections is a safe, low-cost approach to reducing delay and greenhouse gas emissions. The Portland office of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. hosted a recent presentation that highlighted benefits and considerations supporting the use of FYA protected-permissive left-turn (PPLT) signal control. A brief overview of the FYA PPLT control was presented along with key implementation considerations. Washington County, Oregon’s effort to implement FYA PPLT at 372 locations was profiled through a case study that offers a sampling of the relative delay and greenhouse gas emissions reduction achieved. This information should be of particular interest to agencies exploring use of FYA PPLT control.

Presentation slides included.

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Transportation in Portland: A Career 50 Years in the Making

November 03, 2011

Co-written by Kittelson & Associates 2011 Intern, Amy Cavaretta, and Senior Marketing Coordinator, Allison Collins

The Amazing Career of Ronald W. Failmezger, P.E.

Anyone working in or visiting the Portland office of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. is probably familiar with Ron. Crossing paths with him in the kitchen as he pours himself another cup of tea, he always gives a nod and a smile before quietly heading back to his office—a space filled to the brim with rolled up plans, scales, pens and pencils. He is a steadfast worker, devoutly spiritual, and thoughtful in every word that he says. But he is not one to talk about himself—a fact that made the interviewing for this article all the more intriguing, given that, stored in the man’s head is firsthand knowledge of the last 50 years of transportation planning in the state of Oregon. Many know that Ron has been with the company for several years—18 to be exact. However, the majority of Kittelson employees are probably not aware that, prior to joining KAI, Ron spent over three decades working with the Oregon Department of Transportation—a young man who started as one of a handful of traffic engineers and left as the head of a department that he built from the ground up.

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