Applied Roundabout Design Course

September 07, 2010

KAI's Transportation Education Series provides interactive presentation sessions intended to promote professional development and advancements in transportation engineering and planning.

Applied Roundabout Design

November 3rd & 4th, 2010 from 8:00 to 5:00 PM
Portland State University - University Place Conference Center
1825 SW Broadway, Portland, Oregon

About the 2-Day Course

The advantages of the modern roundabout, including modified and improved design features, are again being recognized, more fully explored, and put to the test in the United States.

Join us for this interactive workshop on the development and design of the modern roundabout. The instructors from Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) have extensive experience in the field of roundabouts and will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

• Roundabout site selection and planning;
• Operational analysis steps;
• Detailed design guidelines;
• Ways to measure effectiveness.

This course draws from the latest in research and applied techniques. FHWA’s Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, and its forthcoming Second Edition (NCHRP Report 672), provides the backbone for this workshop. In addition, the instructors will incorporate their practical experience, as well as information gained from their interaction with TRB, ITE, NCUTCD, and IESNA committees. You’ll find more details about the instructors and this course on the registration web page.

For more details view the Applied Roundabout Course Outline

About the Location

KAI in partnership with Oregon Transportation & Education Consortium (OTREC), will facilitate the session at Portland State University. The class will be held in the Astoria Room at the University Place Conference Center.

Out of town guests may find the Portland Oregon Visitors Association (POVA) website handy for making lodging arrangements and other general information about the city.


The cost for this two-day Roundabout course is $395. This includes all classroom materials, morning coffee and pastries, snacks and beverages in the afternoon. Participants will be responsible for their own lunch.

Click here to register online.

If you have additional questions about the course, please contact one of the instructors below at (503) 228-5230.

About the Instructors

Brian L. Ray, PE
Principal Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

Brian offers 25 years experience in transportation planning and roadway design. He has performed transportation planning studies for a variety of corridor evaluations, transportation system plans, and environmental review documents across the United States. His design experience includes developing and evaluating conceptual alternatives for freeway, highway, and arterial street systems. His arterial experience includes conventional and modern roundabout intersection design. He has completed planning projects for downtown circulation evaluations, institutional master plans, and regional transportation analyses. He chairs the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Committee on Geometric Design. He routinely conducts training courses on Roadway Geometric Design, Modern Roundabouts, and context sensitive solutions.

Wade E. Scarbrough, PE
Associate Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

Wade is an Associate Engineer with Kittelson & Associates and has nearly 15 years of experience in transportation engineering and planning. He was a co-author of the first edition of the FHWA publication Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, and he has been active in a review role working together with the team of international experts developing the 2nd Edition of the Guide. He has been particularly focused on the Geometric Design and Traffic Design chapters and has been involved in developing many of the guidelines and design graphics for both the Roundabout Guide as well as the 2009 MUTCD. Wade has also prepared concept design studies, preliminary design plans, final geometric layouts, and traffic design plans for roundabouts at over fifty intersection sites worldwide. Wade is also an experienced analyst and designer of other transportation facilities, including freeway interchanges, arterial corridors, signal systems, neighborhood streets, and conventional at-grade intersections.

Chris Tiesler, PE
Senior Engineer, Kittelson & Associates, Inc., Portland, OR

Chris is currently serving as a key team member for NCHRP Project 3-65a to develop the second edition of FHWA’s Roundabouts: An Informational Guide. Mr. Tiesler has served an integral role in numerous roundabout projects throughout the country involving the preliminary design of single and multi-lane roundabouts, developing conceptual design alternatives, and providing geometric design assessment of roundabout plans with regard to safety, multi-modal use and system wide considerations.

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