Modern Urban Roundabouts

December 18, 2009

Throughout the United States, the number of circular traffic intersections has grown considerably in recent years. Roundabout treatments, as a subset of this category, continues to lead the way with nearly 1000 new facilities built in 2007 compared to less than 200 built just ten years ago. The following presentation created by Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) provides an overview of modern urban roundabouts. The overview covers key considerations regarding safety, signage, design, as well as host of other related topics. For more information regarding roundabouts please contact any one of the following members of the KAI Team:

Lee Rodegerdts, Principal Investigator for NCHRP Roundabout Guide Update
Phone: (503) 228-5230

Brian Ray, Principal Investigator for NCHRP Report 613
Phone: (503) 228-5230

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