Congress Passes Another Short-Term Spending Bill

March 03, 2011

In order to prevent a government shutdown on March 4, President Obama signed the “Further Continuing Appropriations Amendments Act of 2011” (P.L. 112-4), a stopgap spending bill that is continuing to fund the government for an additional two weeks. The House passed the continuing resolution by a vote of 231 – 6 and the Senate passed the continuing resolution by a vote of 91 – 9 on March 1st and March 2nd, respectively. For the most part, P.L. 112-4 keeps the government funded at FY 2010 levels. However, $4 billion in federal funding was slashed from the current continuing resolution. The spending cut comes from the President’s FY 2012 budget proposal which outlined funding for specific programs that would be severely decreased or eliminated. The cuts specifically targeted the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA’s State and Local Grant Programs, and the Department of Transportation’s surface transportation priorities.

Congress must pass FY 2011 appropriations legislation by Friday, March 18th, to prevent a government shutdown.

Source: APWA

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