House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Holds Field Hearings

February 26, 2011

Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee Chairman John Mica (R-FL) conducted a series of national field hearings and public forums on surface transportation authorization legislation with state and local officials between February 14th and February 25th. The hearings were held around the country to gather public input on a long-term reauthorization of the nation’s surface transportation programs.

APWA members submitted statements and attended sessions in Chicago, Memphis and Vancouver, WA. In addition, Transportation Committee Chair Debra Hale submitted testimony for a joint hearing of the House T&I Committee and Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in Los Angeles, CA. The testimony urged Committee leaders to act quickly to pass a multi-year surface transportation bill which provides long-term, sustained and sustainable revenue sources to create jobs, reinvigorate the economy and improve aging infrastructure.

Source: APWA

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