KAI Anchorage Celebrates One Year, Welcomes Two New Staff Members

May 11, 2011

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. is celebrating its first year in Anchorage, Alaska, by announcing the additions of Robert Kniefel, PE, Senior Engineer, and Andrew Ooms, EIT, Engineering Associate to the team.

Led by Gary Katsion, Senior Principal Engineer, the Anchorage office provides transportation engineering and planning services to Alaskan clients, including long-range transportation plans, corridor studies, parking analyses, multimodal terminal area studies, signal system timing, roundabout evaluations, traffic design, expert witness services, and traffic impact analyses for new developments.


Bob Kniefel has been working in the Anchorage marketplace since 1971 in both the public and private sectors. Prior to his retirement last year as Traffic Engineer/Director at the Municipality of Anchorage, he was the People Mover Public Transportation Director, as well as manager for the Anchorage Metropolitan Area Solutions transportation planning efforts. He has a proven track record, bringing a results-oriented, community-driven focus to projects based upon context sensitive design principles. Whether it is working to implement neighborhood traffic calming techniques, provide large development traffic impact analyses, or short/long range planning based upon community goals and plans, his experience in planning, design, and implementation ensures completion of affordable projects and sound economic development. Bob and KAI have a working relationship that spans over twenty years. We are thrilled to continue this relationship with him as a member of the KAI family!


Andrew Ooms is returning to KAI after receiving his Masters of Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Andrew started his transportation career in KAI’s Portland office, where he focused on traffic operations, signal timing and design, safety analysis, transit signal priority, roundabouts, research, transportation planning, and traffic impact studies. Alaska project experience includes the Anchorage Downtown Master Plan and the Dena’ina Convention Center. We are excited to have Andrew as a member of the Anchorage team to help us serve our Alaska clients on local projects, and to advance the profession across the state.

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