Susan Wright Receives President's Award from WTS' Portland Chapter

May 30, 2011

This past week, at the annual Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) Awards Dinner in Portland, Oregon, Susan Wright, a Senior Engineer with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) was presented with the President’s Award for her outstanding service on the board.

The purpose of the President’s Award is to recognize an individual who, either in the past year, or for several years has shown extraordinary commitment to WTS and who has contributed in a significant way to the visibility, growth or improvement of the chapter. The following was highlighted at the ceremony by the President of the local chapter, KC Cooper, regarding Susie’s contributions:

• Susie Wright took on the role of Chapter Treasurer in mid-term. She was faced with an antiquated accounting system, and within months had revamped and streamlined our financials so that we now have easy to find reports on every aspect of the chapter’s business. She has helped us be a better organization, especially, by guiding us toward better accountability to our programs, our scholarships, our sponsors, and our members.

• Susie has taken us to a new level of financial security and accountability, working hard to satisfy all the new requirements for credit cards, paypal, business licenses, and IRS requirements.

• Additionally she created our new WTSportland website, which is graciously hosted by her firm, Kittelson and Associates, which allows members to view and register for events, see photos from recent events, and she created a special section for the board where we can post and edit documents, reducing the amount of emails and time that it takes to do the daily business of the chapter.

• Susie is a pleasure to work with, is detailed oriented in all her work, and a long-time exemplary WTS Board member, as well as being and a kind, gracious, and wonderful person. Chapter past-president Margaret Middleton called Susie the “pillar of strength and confidence” during her two years as President.

Congratulations Susie on your excellent work and service to WTS!

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