NCHRP Synthesis 412 Report Released

June 30, 2011

NCHRP Synthesis 412: Speed Reduction Techniques for Rural High-to-Low Speed Transitions was recently released by the Transportation Research Board (TRB). This synthesis is a state-of-the-practice report concerning effective and ineffective rural high-to-low speed transition treatments that have been tried by state DOTs and some overseas agencies. The scope of this research was limited to engineering measures that are used to transition motorists from high-to-low speed areas, and does not include the broader topics of speed management or the more specialized techniques and methods required for areas such as work zones, toll plazas, and school zones. The NCHRP Committee for this project was chaired by Cathy Nelson of Oregon DOT. John Mason of Auburn University was one of many other committee members also involved in this project. To view a PDF of the complete report use the link below.

NCHRP Synthesis 412

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