Excitement builds for 2012 WTS Annual Conference

March 08, 2012

As the Women’s Transportation Seminar prepares for its national conference in May, Jessica Josselyn is one of many members looking forward to the annual event for several reasons.

The chance to meet new people, network with others in the profession, and raise money for WTS are among the benefits highlighted by Jessica, a Senior Planner working for Kittelson & Associates, Inc.’s (KAI) Fort Lauderdale office.

In addition to technical topics, WTS conferences include sessions relating to finding your interests and passions, identifying your ‘work style type’, and ultimately how one can apply those findings into building a successful career. It’s nice to have these softer-side sessions of the profession because it’s re-energizing and reminds us that finding balance in one’s career is important. I think in some cases professionals (women especially) tend to put others first and forget to focus on themselves. That’s what’s so great about these particular sessions – it forces you to think about what you want and at the same time you are building relationships with others in the session. To this day I still stay in touch with the participants. It really is impactful!

This year’s conference, scheduled for May 9-11 in Denver, is expected to draw more than 500 corporate and government industry leaders from around the world.

Jessica has been involved with WTS since 2003 when she began working for KAI. Since then, she’s become involved in the South Florida chapter’s leadership and currently serves as its Vice President and Communications Chair.

It really gives me a renewed sense of passion for the profession and the people who work in it. I would recommend this organization to any transportation professional.

Jessica notes that her WTS chapter frequently hosts networking events, and awards a pair of $2,000 scholarships each year. In addition, the chapter’s members present information about the profession to middle-school students and participate in Transportation You, a hands-on, interactive, mentoring program that introduces young girls ages 13-18 to a wide variety of transportation careers.

She recommends that professionals look within their own region to see how they, too, could get involved in a local WTS chapter. To get the ball rolling, search for a nearby chapter by visiting the international website.

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