Computers 4 Kids Uses Donations to Improve Education

September 24, 2012

Computers 4 Kids (C4K) Foundation is an international, non-profit organisation—part of Rotary International—that refurbishes government and corporate computers for distribution to disadvantaged and underprivileged children. The majority of their computers are bequeathed to young students who may be experiencing social and/or financial disadvantage, physical impairment, or disability. C4K also distributes computers to students in geographically disadvantaged communities in remote areas of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Kittelson & Associates’ Brisbane office recently donated 20 new laptops to the worthy community organisation.

“We recently purchased all these new Dell laptops to execute a large-scale traffic survey project and no longer had any commercial use for them,” said Marc Mrsic, Managing Director of Kittelson & Associates. “These laptops were only used once and are essentially brand new. After considering various options, I made contact with the C4K Foundation and immediately realised that we could make a positive impact on disadvantaged youth through this simple donation.”

Chris Johnston, Chairman of C4K, runs the foundation with support from his many volunteer workers. “We are extremely grateful for all computer donations we receive and make sure they go to a great cause!” says Chris.

For more information on C4K or to donate your unused computers, please visit:

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