Traffic Signal Systems Operations and Design: Textbook Available Now

November 05, 2012

Tom Urbanik, PhD, PE—a Senior Principal Engineer at Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI)—has worked with Michael Kyte, PhD, PE—Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Idaho—to develop the first Traffic Signal Systems Operation and Design textbook on intersection operations. This college level text is activity-based and offers a “hands on” approach to understanding the science of good traffic signal operations. The textbook includes a complete view of traffic signal control concepts that are essential to good design. The 63 activities in the textbook are supported by a number of animations, movie files, and Excel and VISSIM data files and lead the student to a final signal timing design.

"Good signal operations is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve without the necessary infrastructure. This text should improve future practice by giving students the fundamental concepts necessary to develop effective and efficient traffic signal designs and the associated traffic signal timings," says Tom.

The textbook also is closely tied to the Traffic Signal Timing Manual developed by KAI for the Federal Highway Administration, the second edition of which is being developed through National Cooperative Highway Research Program project led by Tom. Work has begun on a second textbook to address traffic signal coordination.

You can learn more about Traffic Signal Systems Operations and Design at; it is available for purchase from Amazon.

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