Technology Aims to Curb Parking Challenges

September 23, 2014

Smart parking technology is being used in major metropolitan areas to address many longstanding transportation concerns related to increased congestion, economic waste and negative environmental impacts. The Portland office of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI) hosted a recent presentation that highlighted emerging parking trends and technologies to allow cities, distributors, shippers, parking garage operators, special event managers, land use planners, and complete street designers to better plan, manage, and leverage their existing parking facilities. The presentation provided an overview of current and emerging parking issues and opportunities as well as the next generation of parking technologies.

The presentation featured three dynamic speakers on this topic, including Marc Butorac, PE, PTOE, Senior Principal with KAI, Rick Williams of Rick Williams Consulting and Kurt Buecheler of Streetline, Inc. The first part of the presentation and discussion was led by Marc and Rick and focused on the different parking challenges we face today, including:

1) Current and emerging parking issues

  • Should we charge for parking?
  • Permit strategies
  • Enforcement
  • Loading zones

2) Technological advancements in parking management

In the second part of the presentation, Kurt shared the latest technologies in monitoring, managing, and leveraging on-street and public parking within an urban environment. This portion of the presentation included:

1) Latest parking detection technologies
2) Smartphone user applications to identify parking availability and reduce on-site circulation and conflicts
3) Enforcement applications to encourage desired turnover and reduce enforcement costs
4) Strategies for improved parking management and efficiency through big data
5) Strategies for improved employee parking experience and distribution
6) Leveraging technology to reduce long-term parking infrastructure needs

This presentation was given to city managers, parking enforcement supervisors and staff, economic and community development staff, planners, police, land use planners, policymakers, designers, and architects.

A PDF copy of the presentation can be accessed HERE.

If you are interested in more details about this important topic and how it might apply to work you are involved with, you can contact any of the presenters by clicking on their name below to email one of them directly.

About the Presenters

Marc Butorac, PE, PTOE
Senior Principal, Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

Marc has provided project oversight and management on parking related projects across the US including city wide plans, parking garage site and feasibility studies, institutional and corporate campus master plans, special event plans, and mixed used development projects. Marc specializes in the design, access, and circulation of on- and off-street parking facilities and brings a balanced perspective of the private and public sector needs in evaluating existing and developing new facilities. Marc has been involved in over 30 city transportation system plans and 500 development projects dealing with supply and design of parking facilities for hospitals, universities, corporate campuses, as well as commercial, industrial, residential, and mixed use projects. He regularly conducts vehicular, truck, emergency service, pedestrian, transit, and bicycle access, circulation and safety audits to improve the overall function of on- and off-street parking facilities. Marc currently serves as the Chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s Access Management Committee (ADA70) and President of the Oregon American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC).

Rick Williams
Rick Williams Consulting

Rick Williams' background is in parking and transportation demand management. Between 1989 and 1995 he served as the Executive Vice President of the Association for Portland Progress (AAP), a business association representing the 75 largest employers in downtown Portland. While at APP Rick was responsible for the management and operation of the City of Portland’s municipal visitor parking system (Smart Park), comprised of seven parking structures and 3,500 stalls. His portfolio also included operation of the downtown’s 208-block business improvement district (BID), providing security, maintenance, and marketing programs.

In 1995, Rick left AAP to establish his own consulting business. Rick focuses on parking management and transportation demand management programs (TDM) for business districts. Since 1995 he has created comprehensive parking and/or TDM plans for nearly 100 cities. In 2004, Rick merged his business into the consulting wing of BPM Development Company, a commercial real estate development company in Portland, Oregon. At BPM, Rick splits his time between parking and transportation demand management consulting for public and private clients throughout North America and in his role as contract Executive Director of GoLloyd, a non-profit Transportation Management Association (TMA).

Kurt Buecheler
Senior Vice Principal of Business Development & Channel Partners, Streetline, Inc.

Kurt has been an agent of change via technology for 30 years including nine startup companies and leadership roles at blue chip companies including Microsoft, IBM, and Xerox. He was a member of the launch team for the IBM PC, and also helped usher in technology revolutions in eCommerce, digital media, computer virtualization, and green lighting. Kurt is currently SVP of Business Development for Streetline where he builds strategic relationships between Streetline and a diverse set of companies that care about parking. Kurt serves at the National Parking Association as the Chairman of the technology committee and as Chairman of the NPA's annual parking industry convention. Kurt holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Davis.

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