May's National Bike Challenge

August 09, 2016

In the month of May, 85 Kittelson & Associates (KAI) employees from fourteen offices participated in the 2016 KAI Bike Challenge. The goals of the challenge were to encourage staff to increase their level of physical activity, to try out a sustainable way to commute to work, and to have fun! After 31 days of May, our results show that KAI staff:

  • Pedaled 11,421 miles, surpassing our firm-wide goal of 10,000 miles by more than 10 percent
  • Bicycled more than 1,500 trips
  • Saved approximately 10,650 pounds of CO2 emissions – this is equivalent to removing an entire year of driving
  • Burned more than 450,000 calories – which is equivalent to roughly 1,500 hamburgers!

Participants in the challenge logged their rides on either the National Bike Challenge website, allowing them to simultaneously join that event, or on Oregon’s Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) website, allowing our Oregon-based staff to join the BTA’s Bike More Challenge. The National Bike Challenge is organized by the bike advocacy organizations PeopleForBikes and the League of American Bicyclists, runs from May to September, and aims to increase cycling miles by engaging riders in local, state, and national competitions. Riders can participate as individuals, teams, or as resident of a community or state, and log their miles on the National Bike Challenge website or on various mobile apps.

The BTA’s Bike More Challenge is an Oregon-based effort to increase cycling throughout the state and is a competitive challenge that matches similar-sized companies and public agencies against each other for prizes. KAI received an award for a first-place finish in the 20-49 department category. Both competitions accounted for rides based on the number of days and miles ridden.

Throughout the month, KAI employees were encouraged to contribute stories of their cycling experiences. With 18 offices spread from Alaska to Florida to Tucson to Boston, our stories reflected the diversity of our staff and our geographic locations. Animals were a popular story topic and wildlife sighting included rattlesnakes, coyotes, bunnies, iguanas, and moose. Other interesting stories involved getting a flat tire for the first time in 25 years of riding, an intra-office effort to acquire a used bike on Craigslist for a 7-year-old’s birthday, and riding through hailstorms to the airport to catch a flight in time. KAI staff also held fun events throughout such as a cyclist breakfast, organized weekend rides, commuter “bike trains” where staff met up to ride to work, and noontime rides to favorite lunch spots around town.

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