Green Streets Case Study: Crown Street, Vancouver, BC

June 15, 2007

Written by KAI Intern Katie Pincus

When major improvements became necessary on Vancouver’s Crown Street to mitigate a deteriorating roadway and inadequate shoulders, the City of Vancouver’s Engineering Services created a “Sustainable Streetscape” to not only improve the road but also decrease pollution in nearby salmon habitats. Their design resulted in a street meant for transportation with an added focus on the environment. A meandering roadway design calms traffic, and vegetated swales line the street to filter pollutants out of the rainwater. Stormwater overflow is collected by a detention pond in a nearby park instead of draining into salmon-inhabited streams. Structural grass separates the swales from the pavement and can also be utilized for parallel parking. The combination of functionality and sustainability sets Crown Street apart as a uniquely green street.

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