Developing Sustainable Communities through Transportation Centered Design

August 23, 2007

Written by KAI Intern Skander Spies

Despite funding problems and construction delays, a new development is taking shape in the heart of downtown Beaverton, Oregon. The Round is a transit oriented mixed-use development that showcases what sustainability advocates hope are the seeds of true urban renewal. The site is located directly on the Max light rail system in the heart of downtown Beaverton and combines office, retail, residential, and entertainment spaces to create a community that promotes transit and pedestrian transportation modes. Much of the land for this development is being reclaimed from existing surface parking lots, creating a dense urban core. Due to the proximity of the development to the Max line, developers knew the regular parking requirements would be excessive, so KAI created an innovative parking plan and agreement with the City of Beaverton that reduces typical parking requirements by up to 40%. This plan promotes urban density and transit use, enables a larger portion of leasable space on site, and reduces the total paved area, creating a more sustainable community.

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