Pedestrian Crossing Presentation

January 28, 2010

There has been much discussion in the world of transportation regarding pedestrian crossings. The various types of treatments, how to apply design standards and when to make adjustments, and the legalities involved with signage and signalization are just a few of the many aspects that transportation professionals balance with regard to addressing pedestrian crossings. This presentation provided information on the latest research on this dynamic topic.

The slideshow presentation below was given by Charles Radosta and Hermanus Steyn at the Portland office of Kittelson & Associates, Inc. on January 28th, 2010. The presentation focused on several aspects related to pedestrian crossings, including:

  • National Practice and Local Laws
  • Pedestrian Characteristics
  • Marked vs. Unmarked Crosswalks
  • Basic Crossing Treatments
  • Enhanced Crossing Treatments
  • Evaluation / Selecting a Treatment
    • NCHRP Report 562 and HCM 2010
  • Liability – Risk Management
  • Update from Transportation Research Board (TRB)

For your convenience, you can reference the research documents used in the presentation using the links below:

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If you have questions about this topic you can also contact Charles or Hermanus by phone at (503) 228-5230. Additional information about the presenters is also listed below:

Charles Radosta has over 16 years of experience through his involvement in a wide range of transportation engineering projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Charles has served as a project manager on over 100 traffic-engineering projects, including dozens of publicly-funded projects and several on-call contracts. Many of these projects include working with other consulting engineering firms to form a project team for various public jurisdictions. He has prepared final plans, special provisions, and cost estimates on traffic engineering projects featuring traffic signals, roadway signing, pavement markings, roadway lighting, and traffic control plans for state and local agencies throughout the Northwest. He is a registered professional Civil Engineer in Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho; a registered professional Traffic Engineer in Oregon; and he is a certified ODOT traffic signal inspector. He currently serves as the Public Works Manager for the Portland office of KAI.

Hermanus Steyn’s wide range of civil engineering experience gained over 17 years brings sound engineering judgment to exceptionally large and complex projects. He has experience in a variety of transportation studies, with focus on the conceptual and detailed geometric design of all types of roadways from local streets to freeways. He has developed master plans for road networks, including airport traffic circulation, corridor studies, and access management. In addition, he has prepared final traffic design and roadway plans, special provisions, and cost estimates on engineering projects. He has also conducted traffic impact analyses for a variety of developments that have addressed safety issues, access management, and on-site circulation. Also, Hermanus is a co-instructor for 2-day traffic signal design and geometric design courses, as well as 2-hour Roundabout Workshops.

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