Portland, OR Aims to Keep Cyclists Safe

March 04, 2010

The city of Portland, Oregon, has popped up in bicycle news recently for innovative treatments to improve bike safety and awareness. As a community that can boast having over 6% of citizens commuting to work by bike,1 the city has the large task of moving those bicyclists efficiently and safety along with motorized traffic. In 2009, for instance, Portland implemented 14 bike box treatments as a means to improve safety at signalized intersections, particularly for occurrences where a vehicle makes a right-turn movement over a bicycle path. The goal is to improve bicycle visibility and reduce collisions between cars and cyclists.

Most recently, the city is endeavoring to offer bicyclists more seamless left-turn options on busy streets, where the cyclist may need to cross over heavy car traffic. Check out the article below from the Oregon Daily Journal of Commerce that gives an overview of why one prominent intersection was chosen for a left-turn improvement and what the city hopes to accomplish.

Portland offers cyclists new left-turn lanes

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