Searching for Performance Measures a Little Easier

April 19, 2010

The search for transportation performance measures from state DOTs got a little easier this year thanks to a group of librarians. The site State Stats recently launched to provide one stop for finding DOT information scattered throughout the internet. In their own words:

State Stats is an online pathfinder to transportation statistical, annual, and performance reports. It was created as the consequence of a national meeting of Transportation Librarians in June 2009. Hosted by the Midwest Transportation Knowledge Network it offers a central collaborative location to find State performance data. Its content is provided by a volunteer community of users.

The site can be navigated by searching for documents posted per state or through a keyword search of all publications. For states DOTs interested in adding information, the site accepts contributions from anyone who signs up for a user account, which helps to create a collaborative environment.

Below is a synthesis of all publications currently posted on the site for 2009.

State Measures Synthesis - 2009

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