May in Motion Rewards Alternative Transportation Champions

May 05, 2010

Ada County Highway District Commuteride and Valley Regional Transit, located in the Boise, Idaho, area of Treasure Valley, have geared up for their annual May in Motion program to encourage alternative transportation practices in the workplace. Companies earn points for providing alternative transportation incentives, such as bus subsidies or bike facilities, and for holding internal promotions about alternative transportation. Participants also record their commute practices during the month of May, with an emphasis on using modes other than a single-occupancy vehicle. Various achievement levels lead to award packages that include company recognition in local newspapers, on bus exteriors, and at an Alternative Transportation Champion luncheon.

KAI’s Boise office is very excited to be participating in May in Motion, with plans for a kick-off celebration, internal competition, and closing ceremony. Check back to the KAI Facebook Fanpage in June to see how they have become Alternative Transportation Champions!

Good luck to all of those in Idaho participating in the May in Motion campaign!

More information about May in Motion can be found on Commuteride’s website. A one-page description can also be found at Get Moving on May in Motion.

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